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Mantle Dynamics: Linking Surface and Deep processes

at the Centre for Advanced Study, 2010/2011:



Trond Helge Torsvik (Group Leader), Professor, PGP, University of Oslo, Norway


August 26 - 27th 2010
CAS kickoff meeting, "Voodoo Tectonics" at the Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters, Oslo.

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September 24th 2010
“Earth Patterns and Processes” at the Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters, Oslo.

Programme (pdf)

October 6th 2010
Luncheon seminar at CAS
Trond Torsvik: "Beyond Plate Tectonics: Plumes, Hotspots, Supervolcanoes and Diamonds"

November 4 - 6th 2010
"6th TOPO-EUROPE Workshop" at Hotel Klækken, Hønefoss, Norway.

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December 13-17th 2010
CAS members contribute with 21 lectures and posters at the annual AGU meeting in San Francisco.

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December 20th, 2010
Trond Torsvik is one of seven Norwegian researchers who is now awarded an Advanced Grant from the European Research Council (ERC).

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January 12th 2011
Interview of Trond Torsvik at the NRK P2 radio programme "Verdt å vite".

Web radio (in Norwegian)

February 9th 2011
Luncheon seminar at CAS
Stephanie C. Werner: "Sightseeing in our Solar System".

March 11th 2011
Professor T. H. Torsvik has been awarded the André Dumont Medal (2012) by the Belgian Geological Society.


March 20th 2011
New publication by Clint Conrad in the prestigious Nature Geoscience.

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April 3-8th 2011
"Whole mantle dynamics: Linking surface and deep processes", special symposium at the European Geoscience Union General Assembly in Vienna.

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May 11-13th 2011
Seminar at Kongsberg entitled "Earth Systems Challenges", arranged by CAS and PGP (University of Oslo).

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June 10th 2011
Final CAS Cruise Meeting: "Understanding Earth from Core to Surface Through Time"


John Brodholt, Professor, Univ. College London, UK

Kevin Burke, Professor, Univ. Houston/MIT, USA

Susanne Buiter, Senior Researcher/Professor II, NGU/PGP, Trondheim, Norway

Clint Conrad, Professor, Dept. Geology & Geophysics, Univ. Hawaii at Manoa, USA

Pavel Dubrovin, Researcher, PGP, Univ. of Oslo, Norway

Carmen Gaina, Team Leader/Professor II, NGU/PGP, Trondheim, Norway

Michael Gurnis, Professor and Director Seismological Laboratory, CalTech, USA

Dietmar Müller, Professor, School of Geosciences, Univ. Sydney, Australia

Bernhard Steinberger, Senior Researcher/Professor II, GFZ/PGP, Potsdam, Germany

Reidar G. Trønnes, Professor, Natural History Museum, University of Oslo, Norway

Rob Van der Voo, Professor, Dept. Geological Sciences, Univ. Michigan, USA

Douwe van Hinsbergen, Researcher, PGP, Univ. of Oslo, Norway

Stephanie C. Werner, Researcher, PGP, Univ. of Oslo, Norway

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