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The group "Editing medieval manuscripts" headed by Odd Einar Haugen has focused on the production of electronic editions of medieval Old Norwegian and Icelandic texts. Three broad areas were singled out:

(1) Textual representation: what kind of paleographical and orthographical information in the manuscripts should be encoded?

(2) Textual reconstruction: should texts be analysed and treated as primary sources, or should textual variants from other sources be included in the encoding?

(3) Textual presentation: how can the encoded texts be presented (and distributed) in a form which is conformant with traditional editions?

Each participant in the group has been working on his or her individual editorial project. These projects are related both thematically and methodically, and at least one of them, the work on a new edition of Heimskringla, has engaged several group members. The individual projects have served as case studies for a general discussion of the three areas mentioned above. The group has established a common platform for the encoding of medieval Nordic manuscripts based on the recommendations of the international Text Encoding Initiative.

The group organised a conference on 27-29 April 2001 with more then 60 participants, primarily from the Nordic countries.

An electronic handbook on the encoding of medieval Nordic manuscripts was published by the group on this site on 10 June 2001.

A report on the work of the group was submitted on 20 November 2001.



Odd Einar Haugen

University of Bergen


Jonna Louis-Jensen

University of Copenhagen


Jon Gunnar Jørgensen

University of Oslo


Karl G. Johansson

University of Växjö


Rune Kyrkjebø

University of Bergen


Espen S. Ore

The National library, Oslo


Kolbrún Haraldsdóttir

University of Erlangen-Nürnberg


Hubert Seelow

University of Erlangen-Nürnberg



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