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January 2015

The Rudbeck Medal to Henrik Williams

Former CAS fellow, Professor Henrik Williams has been awarded the Uppsala University's Rudbeck Medal for 2014. This medal is awarded for extraordinarily prominent achievements in science.


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23 February 2015, 14:30:


Seminar by Stephen D. White, Harvard: "Inheritance strategies, inheritance disputes, and donations in 'free and perpetual alms' in relation to the Norman Conquest of England"

Organizer: Lars Ivar Hansen

Venue: The turret room (lunch room) at CAS

The Centre for Advanced Study (CAS) at the Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters is a basic research institution where outstanding researchers from Norway and abroad are invited to spend a year. During their stay at CAS, researchers are excused from all duties other than pure research, giving them the time they need to bring all their creativity to bear in an inspiring international environment together with colleagues from their own and other disciplines. The goal is to enhance and internationalise independent basic research in Norway.

Each year, group leaders are chosen from among prominent Norwegian researchers to head three research groups in the following fields:

  • Humanities / Theology
  • Social sciences / Law
  • Natural sciences / Medicine / Mathematics


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